Samsung Nexus S Review (Harga & Spesifikasi)

Samsung Nexus S Review (Harga & Spesifikasi) - Samsung Nexus S yang sekarang sudah bisa mengakses Jelly Bean atau Android 4.1 adalah Hp dengan teknologi yang sangat canggih dan banyak yang menyukainya dapat terlihat dari review rebiew berikut.

Samsung Nexus S Review
This isn't a perfect device -- and in fact a lot of what's exciting about this phone is what's happening behind the scenes. It's as if the stage is set for the arrival of Honeycomb along with a slew of features. Still, when it comes to state of the art for Android right now, the buck stops here.  (engadget)

The bottom line is this. If you are an iPhone user this isn’t going to make you switch. If you’re an Android user you will want this phone more than any other. If you’re currently neither, we recommend that you go with the Nexus S. (techcrunch)

The Nexus S is a nice phone but nothing revolutionary. That's kind of the point. It's designed to be state-of-the-Android and to show the operating system in its best light. (Computerworld)

I got the Nexus S about a month ago and I must say that this is definitely a very nice upgrade from the Nexus One. For me, the upgrade means that I get a much faster Hummingbird processor and a much better touchscreen compared to the one on the Nexus One. The phone is snappy and rarely slows. (user)

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Samsung Nexus S Review (Harga & Spesifikasi)
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Samsung Nexus S Review (Harga & Spesifikasi)
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