How To Use Hosting

:: What is "host site"?

Hosting the Internet is a service that allows you to host a site in a location where it can be seen by anyone who has Internet access, i.e., the site will be accessible to Internet users around the world.

:: First you need to register a domain

First of all you need to register a domain, that is, you need to choose and register an address for your site when they typed in the address bar of browsers (Opera, Firefox, Chrome ...) will cause your site appear on the computer screen of the person who is accessing the address of your site.

To register a domain you need to choose a domain name that has not yet been recorded by any other person or company and then hire a company that makes the domain name registration on your behalf and allows you to freely manage your domain.

Not recommended for use provided with free domains and sub domains, it is best to register your domain name with common endings such as. "With". "Net". "Org" ... Avoid domain endings that are little known.

:: You already have a site to host?

You can even build your site with basic knowledge you can install systems like wordpress, joomla or even use systems offered by your hosting company sites that allow the creation of a complete website in minutes.

Another option is to hire a website development company with a development site. This option is great when you need a professional website and tailored to your business.

:: The next step is to host the site

To host your site you need to hire the services of a hosting company sites that provide space for the files that comprise your site or to install the system that you have decided to create their own site.

 The company hosting sites provide a control panel where you can manage the site, create e-mails, databases, access to site access statistics and more.
With the resources offered by the company hosting sites you can send files from your site to the space that was available in terms of hosting sites that hired you.
Some information about :: hosting service sites:

Your computer does not need to have linux installed for you to hire a linux hosting plan. Your computer can use the windows and even then you can easily use all the features of linux hosting plan.

It is harder to manage a hosting plan linux than a windows hosting plan, many people find the web hosting linux easier. Contrary to what many people think you do not need to enter lines of code in Linux plans, everything is done in a very straightforward control panel called cPanel.

WHAT sets if your web hosting plan may or may not be linux is the programming language and the resources that your site uses. If your site uses PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, Flash and Ajax among others your web hosting plan can be linux. If your site uses ASP, SQL, Java and others the hosting plan must be windows.

When the site :: start working?

After registering the domain and plan to hire a web hosting company hosting sites will send you the DNS and E-mails to be used in your domain. You should access the control panel of your domain and register the DNS IPs and received from the hosting company. Now it's just a matter of time, you have to wait for the DNS and IP registers you for the domain to be propagated through the internet so that when the domain is typed into the browser of any computer it shows the files that you sent in your plan Your hosting company sites. With that your site appears on the screen of any computer that accesses your domain.

 :: business website hosting and domain registration

Register domain: The Format makes the registration of your domain on your behalf and allows you to change the DNS and IP when and how often decide on a modern control panel and simple to use.

Host site: The Format of web hosting provides all the features you need for a professional hosting. The control panel is cPanel, very complete with all necessary resources. You can create email accounts and unlimited databases, unlimited sub domains, run cron tasks, backup and more.