How to install wordpress to hosting

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an application, simple job, which allows you to create a blog, but also a web site, without the need to dive into different programming languages.

There are two similar tools, Dot clear and WordPress. I think that the functions are similar. I chose WordPress because as my hosting provider, 1 & 1, proposes the creation of WordPress blogging and that I knew so little interface.

Why install WordPress?

There are many sites where you can create his blog online. It is quick and easy. But...

All tickets are registered on the website of the Publisher, cannot transfer his blog to another host. It is limited to tools and themes available to us.

The installation of WordPress in its image hosting service gives more flexibility: can transfer his blog on another site, can change the public address of his blog, and can transform it into a site,...

And it is not complicated...

Before you begin

Prerequisite: your hosting provider must provide PHP and MySQL.

You must have an FTP client to download files to your host, for example:

Mac: Cyberduck (free), RBrowser (freeware), Transmit (commercial),.
Windows: FileZilla.
Linux: as Gftp.
The installation

I invite you to follow the recommendations of the francophone WordPress, I followed myself...

And then

Change the appearance of your blog

Once installed WordPress, you have a control panel that allows you to change the appearance of your blog using different themes.

There are very many. You can test before make your blog public. Then, I urge you to install WordPress on your computer; This is done very quickly and easily. I have described the procedure for Mac OS, but it should not be more complicated for another system. The advantage? This allows you to test before online, without the risk of disfigurement of your site!

The theme depends on course to his liking but each offer different features. For example, one that I use to have static pages and drop-down menus at the top of the blog. Others display pages in the sidebar.

Some themes offer widgets (i.e. from small gadgets) that moved from the administration interface, for example the calendar at the bottom of this page, I could also install in the sidebar, the cloud of keywords, the list of tasks at the bottom of the page also... By clicking the small square on the right of the widget, you can access the options.

Adding new features

With the plugins (or extensions) you can add new functions: allow your visitors to subscribe to your blog, protect you against spam, index your tickets,... See for example plug-ins to improve the interface or plug-ins to administer the blog.

There are many plugins that need to decompress, download in the wp-content/plugins directory, then to activate in the administration interface. Many are in English, found also in French! See for example the plugins that I have translated into French or those listed on the forum.

And once you are a little more comfortable, you can build your blog or your site such that you have always dreamed