Diablo III Mouse

Diablo III Mouse
The SteelSeries Diablo III Mouse cukup mirip dengan mouse game Sensei yang sangat baik, dan menggunakan software yang sama (meskipun berkulit untuk D3) untuk memprogram tombol-tombol tersebut. Tidak seperti Sensei, Anda tidak dapat memprogram pencahayaan D3 untuk memancarkan semua warna selain merah, dan Anda tidak dapat menyimpan profil langsung dalam mouse, yang Anda bisa dengan lakukan pada Sensei.

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You’re basically getting a Xai/Sensei-caliber mouse with ridiculously durable switches for $20 less than the going price of the Sensei, and with genre headroom to spare, especially if you’re a shooter fan. (TIME)

I loved the Diablo III mouse. If you have the chance to put your hands on one at a display counter or store or something, you won't be disappointed. It's a really smooth, slick, and simple device that accommodates lots of hand grips and sizes, as well as any game type. (Joystiq)

So all in all we have the rare combination of a branded item that has excellent hardware beneath it. The Diablo Mouse is the pick of the two and worthy of the OC3D Silver Award, with just the scroll-wheel letting things down. (Overclock3d.net)

If you are a Diablo III fan that MUST have the ultimate Diablo III setup, this mouse and headset are for you. If you have been putting off upgrading your mouse that is half-broken and do a lot of gaming, then I can think of no better mouse on the market right now. (Gaming Shogun)
Diablo III Mouse

Price Diablo III Mouse

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